May TIF - Part II

I tried a few new things with May's TIF piece: photo transfer paper, oil paint sticks and hand tyeing. The image of a heart was drawn by Jason Reid and used with permission. For more info about the concept read here.


Hand dyed and commercial cottons;
Shiva paint sticks, photo transfer;
Machine pieced, hand and machine quilted,
hand tied;
14 x 20"
July 2008



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jason said...

looks pretty awesome...nice work.

neki desu said...

i love everything about this piece!!
the stitching on the image sets it off and gives it preeminence.
the shibori fabric, what can i say? :) and the fucshia fabric is such a daring contrast.

neki desu

juanita sim said...

Thanks Neki, I'm glad you like it. And thanks again Jason for the use of your awesome drawing.