Quick study: black and white

All of the fine arts should be a source of inspiration for quilt artists. -Pamela Allen

I am feeling real happy to be taking a five-day course this week with quilt artist Pamela Allen, who is known for her quirky, humourous and very colourful art quilts. The course, called Think like an Artist is offered as part of the Summer Academy of the Arts program at Algonquin College in Ottawa. Below is the result of a quick study in black and white that I did this morning. Not sure what I'll do with it next. Pamela teaches a neat appliqué stitch for holding these raw edge fabric pieces down to the background which looks fast and adds some nice texture to the work. I might try that, or I might do a more quick and dirty version with the sewing machine.


Black and white still life
Commercial cottons
8 x 12"


paulahewitt said...

very nice - i like the way you have reversed the fabrics (I think) for the inside of the tall vase as a contrast

arlee said...

looking fabulous without any stitching too!!!

Judy said...

When I saw this picture, I knew immediately that you had to be taking a class with Pamela! Isn't she amazing?!!! My experience with her was fantastic and sticks with me. I'd love to see how you've finished this lovely piece.