Many sources for inspiration


Commercial and hand dyed cottons
11 x 11"

This was begun in the class I took over the summer with Pamela Allen, a fabulous teacher who I can not recommend highly enough. Each student was given a small square cutout of a partial work by a well known artist and asked to create a small quilt around it. I was given the piece with a white vase and onions that you can see in the upper left hand quarter of the quilt. It was taken from a still life by Matisse called, 'The Red Onions' painted around 1906.


paulahewitt said...

I like this -the chair reminds me of Van goghs chair (I cant remember what the painting is called) I like the was youve made the shadows (I tend to forget shadows)and I like the big applique stitches.

Morenna said...

Beautiful! I agree with Paula about the chair. The colors you used and the composition really give your quilt an Impressionist feel.

juanita sim said...

Thanks Paula, thanks Morenna! I hope to post the finished piece soon.