TIF February 2008 - Part II

OK. This piece is finished. I don't have much to say about it. I added a couple of more details. As I'm not a big fan of appliqué I used acrylic paint for this. I got a bit hung up on it because of the fabric colours. Although I had not intended, the thing was already pretty dark, so placing a dark shadow on the front of it wasn't working for me. I wanted the 'shadow' of a child playing hopscotch to stand out on the front of the piece. I chose silver paint for that. Not sure I like it. I got the image that I wanted but it most definitely does not look like a shadow, hmmm. I also placed a fence across the front. I saw a space between two buildings there and I wanted to put a barrier across that space. One often finds fences near playgrounds.


Commercial and hand
dyed cotton, acrylic paint
Machine pieced and quilted
11 x 13"
February 2008



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Tanguera said...

Wow Juanita, this turned out wonderfully. I love the movement of the girl. It is quite breathtaking.

Doreen G said...

Congratulations Juanita on a wonderful quilt and it brings back memories of hopscotch on my younger days.

Gwen said...

I really love this! The way you re-worked it is terrific. The stitching around the girl really gives the feeling of movement. The colors are wonderful, and the fence in the foreground brings it all together.

I hope that I have something done before the end of the month...

arlee said...

Oh, i really like it! The opaqueness of the girl now acts as a "doorway" in a sense into memory!
Well done!

Penny said...

This is wonderful, so much movement in it. What a great idea.

Meg in Albuquerque said...

I think this turned out very well, the shadow would have taken away from the happy, carefree childhood. Remember, there is a silver lining in the darkest cloud (hows that for a pithy saying?)

jacqui said...

I really like this piece, its like a painting done in fabric. The fence looks like it trying to contain the figure, stopping it from jumping over and getting free. I get the feeling I really want it to come over the fence as the figure seems to be having so much fun I want to join in.

kay susan said...

Juanita, I keep coming back to look at this! I like the way you used perspective, both in the piecing and the stitching. You got so much movement in the child shape, and that fencing is just the right touch to finish it off.
Nice job!