Le Petit Salon des Arts

Il y a un côté intimidant et même assez froid aux galeries d'art. Les gens n'osent pas toujours entrer, mais je veux leur montrer que l'art c'est pour tout le monde, dans une ambiance chaleureuse.

-Frederic Daty

(There is an intimidating, even cold side to art galleries. People don't alway get the courage up to go inside, but I want to show them, in a welcoming ambiance, that art is for everyone.)

Last week I happened to hear an interview on CBC Radio One with a couple who have turned their large east end Ottawa home into a gallery and meeting place for artists and musicians, which they have named Le Petit Salon des Arts. Amazingly, they are parents to two young children and do not accept commissions for the sale of art that is on display in their gallery/home. According to the radio interview they are interested in presenting emerging artists and musicians in their gallery space. This past Friday they opened a new show called Emergence. We attended the opening on Friday night and had a wonderful time listening to music and browsing the four exhibition rooms on two floors. The mood was warm and informal, lots of people coming and going, champagne and truffles for the asking. I am not sure if this is a unique kind of enterprise but I have certainly never heard of anything like it before. A nice place to visit. Current exhibit is open February 24th to 29th from 10am to 12pm and 3pm to 8pm. They are located at 295 Ave Cyr, Ottawa, ON, (613) 746 1964. New exhibits are organized every two or three months and will bring together artists of diverse disciplines. Check their website for details about ongoing events.

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Frédéric Daty said...

Book June 7th. from 6pm to 10pm !
It's already time for a new Vernissage at Le Petit Salon Des Arts !
5 incredible visual artists from painting, mix-media, metal work, to audio & visual installations.
3 concerts : guitar, string quartet and modern flute.
And the traditionnal truffles and champagne !

Don't miss it.
It's free, there is absolutely no 'buying' obligations...
It's for the pleasure to speak about art, and feed our ears and eyes with amazing creations !

More infos on the website :


Thank you !
Frédéric Daty