Last days of summer

"No other medium short of sculpture offers the fabulous texture of the quilted surface." -Kim Ritter

In our part of the world the nights have turned wonderfully chilly while the daytime can still really heat up, especially in the afternoon. I've not been inside much lately and therefore not done much quilting or dyeing. Been to the pool, the parks, the mountains, the river, the odd museum on a rainy day and everywhere in between, getting the last of the long summer days out of our system. Also getting the best of the sweetcorn, peaches, berries, melons and tomatoes into us.

Enjoy your last days of summer.


laura said...

hi Juanita, yes, the last days of the garden for us as well. We are still getting tomatoes, peppers and beans but the corn and potatoes are done, the herbs are bolting (I can't keep up!).

I LOVE the stone sculptures. thanks for posting the photos of them.

juanita sim said...

Hi Laura, I also love John Ceprano's river rock sculptures. John takes very beautiful pictures of his work every year and posts them on his website. Some of the older ones are my favourites.