bri.co.lage [brik‐ŏ‐lahzh] n. tinkering, fiddling, construction achieved by putting together whatever materials happen to be at hand; also : something constructed in this way. bri.co.ler [-é] v. to tinker, to do odds jobs; que'st-ce que tu bricoles? what are you up to? bri.co.leur [-oer] n. handyman, tinkerer, putterer.

Not long ago I butchered the short row heel on a sock I was knitting. The heel was badly offset and had to be ripped out and done over. Since it takes me about an hour to do a short row heel on 40 stitches, and because I really do not like to waste that kind of time, I decided to make some stitch markers to ensure that the job would be done properly on future socks.

There are some fancy stitch markers out there ( flickr, something from nothing) a few tutorials on how to make them (Sculpey.com, Wormspit.com, sheep in the city, knitting by geeks) and even the online Stitch Marker Exchange. But I was not in the mood for fancy, and opted for a quick and dirty solution.

These punch sets make holes from
2 to 8 mm, in 0.5 mm increments,
which corresponds nicely to any size
knitting needles I might ever want
to use.
Since I am currently
knitting on 2.25 mm
needles I picked two
punches, a 4 mm punch
to cut the marker (out
of a cottage cheese
container lid) and a
2.5 mm punch to cut the
inner hole.
Here's the finished
...what's left of the
raw materials...
...and voila, the stitch
markers in action.


glennis said...

bricolage...thanks for adding to my vocabulary. i'm going to use that word today somehow!(ingenious stitch markers by the way)

arlee said...

Very cool--now i'd be lacing stuff through the holes of the lid to make more art......:}

Quilt Pixie said...

great stitch holders! I've used paper clips when desperate but they have a tendency to catch on the yarn at times...

juanita sim said...

Friends, please don't hesitate to ask if you need some cheap stitch markers OR plastic lids full of holes ;-)

glennis said...

now you've got me wondering what i can do with those plastic lids with holes.......and silk.....and some dye....