Gradient dyeing

Below are photos of some gradient dyeing that I started in a class in contemporary quilting I'm currently taking. I had hoped to do quite a bit more of this, but to date have not found the time. I'm especially interested in complementary colour-to-colour gradient dyeing (4) and exploring the different hues of brown which might be obtained. Eventually these fabrics will be used to make a small quilt for the class, Art Quilt Series, taught by Elaine Quehl, local quilt artist, teacher and dyer. Elaine is a generous teacher with a warm spirit who is passionate about her art. She currently teaches many great classes in and around Ontario so do check her out.


1. 100% cotton fat quarters batching overnight in Procion MX dyes in zip-loc bags hanging on a clothes drying rack.
& 3. Dyed fabric after a first rinse.
4. Golden yellow(G&S Dye 204)-to-purple (G&S 904) hue-to-hue gradation; 7 steps
. Soft brown (G&S 611) colour gradation ; 5 steps
6. Grey (G&S 701) colour gradation; 5 steps

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