April TIF - Part I

This month's Take it Further challenge concept is this question from SharonB:

How do you see change?

I related fairly strongly to something that she said in her post,

"It amuses me when people say we have to learn to live with change as change has always been part of life. As soon as we are born we start to grow in other words we start to change."

The first thing that came to mind when I read this was an image related to the first year of my own life, not that I remember anything from that period, I guess that's the point. But the image was there, nevertheless. So, my challenge piece will somehow relate to that image.

How do I see change? Change may bring new opportunities or great joy, as in the birth of a child. It can also bring loss, regret, sadness or pain, such as in the death of a person we love. And it may bring both. The loss of a job may bring with it the discovery of a previously unimagined and inspiring new career path. In the case of difficult change (the positive sort is easy; you celebrate!) I rather try to approach change in terms of the hidden potential for personal growth, no matter how it may appear at the outset. Work with it, as one would with clay, steadily remolding it into something that will hopefully give rise to a positive transformation.

For me, the inevitability of change is also (obviously) inextricably linked with the passage of time. So for this month's piece I'll begin working with these three ideas; (1) An unbidden image relating to the first twelve months of life (2) The passage of time, and (3) Positive transformation. Sound cryptic? It does to me too.


Tanguera said...

Cryptic but interesting. Can hardly wait to see what you come up with for this.

fiona d said...

I agree - it's an intriguing combination of ideas