Visible time

Hand stitching is slow. It's one stitch at a time. It's thoughtful. It's a repeated caress. It’s visible time. - Judith Martin

I have done some hand-quilting on each of the quilts that I have made since I picked up quilting again in 2006. While I have challenged myself to become a better free-motion machine quilter I am also in love with the soft, ephemeral quality of hand quilting and am determined to do more of it.

I have been reading Judy Martin's blog for some time now and it's one of my favourite places to visit. Rich with images, her posts are usually brief but potent. A Canadian artist living on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada, Judy writes, among other things, about being an artist, teacher, mother and daughter. Two summers ago, I met a young woman who was working in an art gallery in Haliburton, Ontario. We got talking about the Textile Surface Design Certificate offered at the Haliburton School of the Arts, where Judy Martin has taught. The woman, whose name escapes me, told me that if I ever get the opportunity to study with Judy, to jump. Hopefully, someday I will.


Gwen said...

Thank you for introducing me to Judith Martin's blog! Beautiful and thoughtful, I understand why you like her!

Deb said...

Judy's in my top ten and I know you will enjoy Jude Hill's blog "spirit cloth" at http://spiritcloth.typepad.com/spirit_cloth/

Don't miss "listen to the river" in the archives.

alsokaizen said...

I've been thinking alot about the qualities involved in creating textile art and "Slow Cloth" lately. I love the quote you chose for this post it really captures the meditative aspect in creating things by hand. Great link too!