Shibori Girl's Pay it forward exchange

You probably already know Shibori Girl a.k.a. Glennis Dolce, who is among other things, a talented shibori artist and photographer. In October 2007, Glennis posted her own personal twist on Pay it forward and I gladly jumped at the opportunity to participate. Glennis promised to make a handmade gift for anyone who went out and taught some kind of art to children. To fulfill my commitment I began teaching fabric dyeing in my daughter's elementary school classroom. I have been there several times now and the teacher has asked me to continue teaching there every second Monday morning until the end of the school year. Below is a slide show of some things that we have done so far. The students have shown a real enthusiasm for fabric dyeing and I am quite happy about the way things are going. Toward the end of the school year I hope to gather all of the dyed fabric together and make one large quilt or smaller individual quilts using the fabric the students will have created.

Today on her recently created blog Elementary Art Exploration Glennis wrote that she is mailing her handmade gifts today, so I thought it would be a good time to report on what we've been up to in the classroom. The flickr slideshow below was made using Paul Stamatiou's HOW TO Quickie:Embedded Flickr Slideshows.

In the classroom: Clamped resist, arashi shibori and fabric stamping


shiborigirl said...

couldn't see the photos here but i want to!!

juanita sim said...

Hi Glennis, what browser are you using? You can also see the photos on my flickr account here. The photos are all tagged "PIF".