July 2006
"Summer accelerates life. Whole generations of creatures are born and die. Feelings are heightened, and disappointments are worse, because you realize how temporary everything is."

- from Trash, a short story by Theresa Williams

Granted, we are past the end of summer now but this is much the way I often feel at summer's end. As it's been unseasonably warm this month, and we've not yet had a frost, the end of summer feeling has been hovering for some time now. It's a feeling of sadness, loss, and regret that's hard to shake. It's puzzling, and familiar at the same time. Images of the coming snowfalls that will cover everything in a clean, cold white, float in and out of my consciousness, and are somehow connected to this feeling. But, the harsh reality of the coming winter is difficult to grasp just yet, in the warmth and comfort of the waning early autumn days. If this end of summer melancholy is a universal feeling, perhaps it is the reason why, at this time of year, we also offer thanks.

October 2007

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