Body image

the new religion by Thaniel Lee

In this world of plastic surgery shows, model search television programs, fake talent shows, and unreal reality TV, I attempt to show a body that cannot change, a body that no amount of plastic surgery will turn into a super model, a body that is not seen in pop culture magazines or MTV. In this current condition of popular culture I feel that it is of the utmost importance that we (artist/art world) document as many different body types as we can, in as many different ways as we can...I hope that my work makes people look at their own bodies, and question the existing concepts of beauty that fill our current body obsessed culture. -

I was pleased to come across the art of recently when reading the Wooster Collective blog. Thaniel creates powerful and original images using his own body as subject matter at a time when few are inclined to challenge the current myopic view of human physical beauty.

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