Quilt finished

I had a lot of fun with this quilt. It was started in a weekend workshop with Laura-Cater Woods earlier this year and inspired by two photos: this one of the Frank Gehry Bilbao Guggenheim and this one of a wool blanket.

In her workshop Laura likened the process of creating a quilt to a conversation between the artist and the quilt. Like any conversation between two individuals, the nature of the process is dynamic and non-deterministic. In the process of creating something, as in a conversation, the outcome is only known when the conversation is over.


Purple Rain
Hand dyed cottons, machine pieced,
machine quilted, 20 x 20", 2007.


Quilt Pixie said...

This piece has a real sense of movement. The thread work extended into the wide border enhances this movement even more.

juanita sim said...

Hi neighbour, I appreciate comments like yours which address something specific about a piece, such as movement, and then relate what you see in the piece to how the piece was worked. Thanks.