On Failure

"I don't tend to judge my quilts. Failure is a very judgmental word. As I'm working on a piece I will work very instinctively and I will let a piece take me where it's going. Often times it may not be where I thought it was going to be. I may have an idea of what I wanted to do and as I'm working that idea is constantly changing and it gets influenced by what's happening, by what's working or not working. Things come in and come out and change it. Then, there will be a point of clarity where it just comes together and you say 'yeah, that's it, that's the way it is.' You know where the road is taking you and you just walk the road. -Claudia Comay

"I don't worry about failure until the piece is done. Artist's definitely make good pieces, excellent pieces, incredible pieces, and then a lot of bad pieces and a lot of mediocre pieces. The important thing is to make art and to worry about success or failure later." -Alexandra Von Berg

From the video Woman's Work: Making Quilts ~ Creating Art, 2003.

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