Sharing the Journey - Part II

Surface Design - painting, rusting, batik, printing and so on...

This is the second of a two part post listing blogs whose authors have kindly written tutorials about creating one-of-a-kind hand made fabrics. I will update this and my last post as I come across new tutorials.

Sonji Hunt of Sonji Says... has posted two generously illustrated fabric painting tutorials, Sonjified Fabric Painting and Another Fabric Painting Tutorial.

Alma Stoller also offers a great Fabric Painting Tutorial as well as instructions for doing Potato Starch Resist on fabric. Both are worth checking out.

Belinda Schneider of Bel's Nook reports on her Potato Starch Resist experiments here.

Neki Rivera of A Moveable Feast has just posted this gum arabic resist tutorial.

Katherine Munro, a silk painter, has posted the following tutorials on her website Dakini Silks: Direct Method, Resist Technique and Silk Screening.

Vicky Taylor-Hood has posted this list of fabric painting tips on her blog, Seastrands Studio. (Vicky also has a three part series titled "Some hints on beginning a landscape quilt.")

Interested in surface design for synthetic fabrics? Sharon Boggon of In a Minute Ago tells you how with her tutorial How to use transfer dyes to print on synthetic fabric.

Melissa of Fabric Dyeing 101 has created a video tutorial about something she calls sky painting in which she demonstrates painting cotton fabric with Procion MX fabric-reactive dyes and shaving creme to create one of a kind hand-dyed pieces. Watch the video and read the instructions here.

Dorothy Bowen has posted a twelve page article on doing batik using soy wax as a resist entitled "Soy Wax: An Alternative Resist." All the information you need is there. Then check out the PROCESS pages on her website where she gives an overview of her Batik on Cotton and Rozome on Silk (Japanese wax resist) work.

Rust dyeing is all the rage these days and it's easy to see why. Lois Jarvis appears to have a serious interest in the subject, check out her blog Rust-Tex and then visit her website of the same name. Lots of other folks are sharing their rust dye results: Françoise at Creatilfun, Luci F of Luci's Creative Adventures and Dianne at Magpies Envy.

Neither hip nor funky
posted this Freezer Paper T-shirt Tutorial and here's a Cheap screen printing tutorial for T-shirts written by Kristy at craftgrrl, both of which could presumably be applied to other types of fabric.

Beth Howard of Stitch Rip Repeat shows how to Print Your Very Own Fabric with simple homemade stamps.

newLooking for a new idea? Susie Monday of El Cielo Studio challenged herself to come up with 100 ways to “make a mark” on fabric. Her list is here.

If you know of other surface design for textile tutorial links, yours or someone else's that you'd like to see included here, please feel free to leave the information in the comments of this post. Thank you to the tutorial authors. And now to bed.

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Susie Monday said...

Thanks for the great list. Here is one of mine -- not detailed in instruction, but more of a list of inspirational nudges. One Hundred Ways to Make Your Mark on Fabric