Slowly but surely...

I wrote about this quilt when I started working on it back in February. I've finished piecing the top, layered and basted it, and put down a few lines of machine quilting. Overall, I'm happy with the progress so far but there's something I don't quite like about the light blue part in the middle-left foreground of the piece. It looks or feels a bit like an open hole in an otherwise solid field of colour. I'll see what the quilting does for it. I plan to lay down a whole lot of lines that echo the waves of colour. If I'm still not happy with it I might try to add some shading with a watercolour pencil.

Purple Rain
Hand dyed cottons, machine pieced, 20"x20"


joyce said...

It's gorgeous. I see what you mean about the light blue area but I'm pretty sure quiting will draw it into the rest of the quilt.

juanita sim said...

Thanks Joyce, I appreciate your comments. I'll put a photo up when it's finished. If all goes well it won't be long now.