When an artist looks at things, she doesn't see them literally as they are but as her imagination transforms them, into workable images for things that are going on in her mind.
- Jack Shadbolt
I checked the National Film Board video, Transfigured: Jack Shadbolt Inside the Mind, out of the public library. It is an amazing piece of animated work. It is Stephen Arthur's celebration of contemporary Canadian artist Jack Shadbolt's paintings. If you can get a hold of this video I recommend it. It's a beauty. More of Jack Shadbolt's work is here.

The Ottawa Rideau Canal Skateway finally opened this year. We skated the length and back this evening. The ice was perfect. If you've never been on the Rideau Canal in winter try a virtual skate. Click here and then click on SKATE THE CANAL. It just might convince you to come and skate it for yourself.

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