Felting finished

What a snap. After finishing the big (Paton Classic) merino mittens I threw them into the washing machine, with the wash water set to HOT and the rinse water set to COLD. I threw in a few towels and a pair of jeans as this seems to be the standard practice according to the blogs I've been reading on the subject. It felt a bit odd (no pun intended) to launder brand new wool mitts, in hot water no less, but I was curious to see what I would get back. After a quick wash, they hadn't shrunk very much so I put them back in on a longer wash cycle, hot wash, cold rinse. The final spin finished and voila! felted mittens shrunk down to just about exactly the size I wanted. One nice thing about these mittens is that while they're still damp, you can pull and shape them a bit before they dry. They are incredibly thick and soft. I love 'em. Definitely something I will try again.

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