It's comin' on Christmas

In our family at Christmas each person draws the name of one other family member and makes a gift for that person the following year for Christmas. A lot of great gifts have been offered; a chinese brush painting, a quilt, a wooden stool, a soapstone carving, photograph collages, mittens, a handmade clock, a spice rack, a sewing box. I'm not sure why but often when I see a piece of hand dyed fabric that I love, I imagine a crisp, cool, cotton dress shirt made out of it. This year I hand dyed some Pimatex Cotton and made one such a shirt for my Dad.

I used a low-water-immersion recipe: 50/50 ProChem PRO MX Basic Blue 400 2.0% OWG and ProChem PRO MX Grass Green 720N 2.0% OWG. I particularly like the mottled green and white markings that run down the back of the shirt like a spinal column. I think he'll like it. I just wonder who is going to iron it when it comes out of the dryer.

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joyce said...

this is beautiful! i would be amazed to get a gift like this! i know your dad will love it.